Smart solution that integrates all
automation available for maximum
comfort and energy saving

The AI implemented within the Econnext environment is one of the most important components, since it will become the “brain” that takes the decisions based on your needs. After a learning period, in which the data gathered from the smart devices is centralized and analyzed, it will be able to recognize patterns and ensure high levels of comfort, perfectly molded to your schedule.

Getting home – Heating was turned on earlier to reach your desired temperature just as you walk in.
Leaving home – Windows are closed and the lights are turned off
Waking up – Coffee machine has been turned on, so you get up to a perfectly brewed cup
Going away – When leaving for longer periods, heating turns off and safety features activate

Virtually endless implementations are possible with a well-integrated AI system, thus, you can create your own scenarios in which all of your smart devices will behave according to your exact specifications.
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