Smart solution that integrates all
automation available for maximum
comfort and energy saving

After you have set up the Econnext Hub, the App will be the interface you interact with the most. For this reason, our goal was to create a command center, that is easy to use and fully customizable. This way, you will always be in full control and know that within a few taps of the screen, your devices are configured to your liking.
In order to achieve this, we have implemented widgets and shortcuts, which can be placed on your home screen, much like having the switches for the devices on your smartphone. Add those that you use most to your favorites, and they will always be within reach. Forget about having remote controls all over the house and searching for them when you need one, all the functionality of your home will be in your pocket, on your Android, iOS or Windows device.

Create different layouts and controls for areas of your house, so that you can focus only on those that are relevant. The aim of the App is to become an extension of your needs, without becoming a chore, or having a steep learning curve on how to use it.
Giving you constant feedback on what is happening in your home, the Econnext App is filled with relevant information so that you and your family members are always enjoying the comforts that a smart home brings, without any of the hassles of owning different brand smart devices.

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