Smart solution that integrates all
automation available for maximum
comfort and energy saving

Econnext aims to provide an all in one solution for the customers that seek simplicity and efficiency. Combining the utility of various smart devices into a single hub, will bring a new level of ergonomics and ease of use. The Econnext Hub will be the central piece in your smart home, bringing all the functionality of vast arrays of devices, into a single unit. Through wireless communication and data transfer from your smart lights, windows, plugs, thermostats or others, you will gain full access to their functionality, with the added bonus of having them all under a single interface.
Customizing your home to fit your needs has never been easier and since we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, Econnext Hub is here to fit your particular needs. You will be able to control key aspects of the interface, how the connected devices behave, as well as receiving alerts in different scenarios.


Easy Installation and Use

simple set up process and configuration

Smart Learning

collecting use data and adjusting accordingly

Customizable Interface

showing you what you need, when you need it

Locally stored data

data collected is never leaving your home

Usage Reports

see what is used and how it is used

Maximizing Efficiency

your smart home will adjust to your own behavior based on patterns.

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