Smart Home

Smart solutions that integrates all automation available for maximum comfort and energy saving

In the same way a house does not become a home until it’s filled with joy and memories, a home does not become a smart home just by having plenty of features. A smart home is the type of home that you can configure to your needs and according to your expectations. With the help of the AI implementation, Econnext will upgrade your home to smart one, while exceeding all expectations. Reducing the energy consumption by not running the heat while you are away, turning the lights on and off depending on whether someone is home or not, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the use case scenarios.
We all have different understandings of what comfort is, in terms of temperature, lighting, or ambient and it is often thought it is impossible to please everyone. With the use of the Econnext App, members of the family will be able to adjust the smart devices behavior within their own personal space. Each room can be individually set up, so the occupants will always be glad to get home. LED colors, brightness, heating when it’s cold, air conditioning when it is warm outside, music, TV, all of these will be perfectly set to anyone’s specific needs. This way, you can enjoy a glass of wine with your significant other in the living room, with the perfect temperature, ambient lighting and music, while the kids are in their rooms, playing games or watching TV shows, while enjoying what they consider comfort.
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